• Spalding Never Flat Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

Spalding Never Flat Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

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Spalding Never Flat Indoor/Outdoor Basketball


Note: Balls are supplied with a display box 

The Spalding NEVERFLAT Basketball is the first ever ball with Pressure Retention Technologies and is the only ball guaranteed to stay fully inflated for at least 1 year - 10x longer than traditional basketballs! Breakthrough technology dramatically increases pressure retention so you are Always Ready to Play!

Material - Composite Leather.

Maintenance-Free Performance - No need to add additional air during the first year period.

No Seepage - New membrane and NitroFlate air technologies virtually eliminate air seepage.

Exceptional Feel - Utilises top level composite leather for exceptional grip and control.

Bounce Height Consistency - Ball is calibrated to match the Official NBA Game ball bounce specification. 

No Leakage - Redesigned Value with cap eliminates leaks and keeps dirt out.